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The World’s Fastest Mini Pocket Knife Is Only Available for a Short Time

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The World’s Fastest Mini Pocket Knife Is Only Available for a Short Time

Bomber & Co. is back with another great crowdfunded release: a spring-loaded keychain knife that’s as tiny as it is lightning-quick.


All the way back in 2018, this small, unknown brand launched a Kickstarter campaign for what it called the “world’s smallest tactical pocket knife.” The Bomber & Co. B-2 Nano would go on to accrue a crowdfunded total of well over $300k from nearly 6,000 backers — demolishing its goal to become one of the most successful EDC campaigns on the site. And the B-2 Nano would be revered as one of the best keychain pocket knives you could buy.

Six years later, the brand is still at it — having created a number of other campaigns for keychain-sized EDC gear, including several other small pocket knives (and a few variations of the B-2). Bomber & Co’s latest campaign revisits the category that got the brand started — keychain knives — but puts a new, quick spin on it. Allow us to introduce you to the Speedy, the “world’s fastest mini pocket knife.”

The secret to the Speedy is that it’s spring-loaded

Bomber & Co’s Speedy is positively tiny, measuring up at under 10 centimeters when opened and weighing only 1.6 ounces. That size alone is enough to make this one of the smallest functional folding knives around. However, what really makes it special is that it’s also the smallest knife made with an assisted opening — meaning it has a spring-loaded deployment (alongside a flipper) to make extending the blade even faster and smoother. 

Bomber & Co’s Speedy is a pint-sized, super-quick-deployed keychain EDC knife perfect for space-saving.Kickstarter

Needless to say, this is impressive for a knife that, even deployed, can fit in the palm of your hand. And it makes it a lot easier to use, increasing its value from an everyday carry perspective. Of course, there are nearly 650 backers who are already on their way to discovering that fact.

A quick deployment isn’t nearly the only thing the Speedy has going for it

The novelty of a tiny spring-assisted deployment mechanism would only get the Speedy so far. If the rest of the knife wasn’t up to snuff, the whole project would be a bunch of hullabaloo (the phrase “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind). Thankfully, the Speedy is a respectable knife in its own right even without the deployment coming into consideration.

Despite its size, the Speedy’s construction is solid and respectable.Kickstarter

The Speedy’s 440C blade has an impressive belly for one so small.Kickstarter

The blade is made from 440 steel which, while not the most impressive of steels, is easily serviceable, retains an edge decently and won’t simply chip and break in normal usage. Similarly, the handle is made from a textured G10, making it grippy and explaining some of the lightness (remember, the knife weighs less than two ounces). For a knife that starts at just $25 during the Kickstarter campaign, its features and materials are very solid.

As mentioned, the campaign is already fully funded (more than eight times over, actually). So the Speedy is definitely going into production. But you can still back it for the next month and a half, as the campaign still has a long way to go before it closes.

Bomber & Company Speedy

Heralded as the “world’s fastest mini pocket knife,” Bomber & Co’s Speedy is another massive micro-sized achievement for the brand, boasting a super-quick spring-loaded deployment, a solid design and respectable materials. For those interested in saving as much space as possible, this is an ideal EDC knife.


Blade Length

1.45 inches

Blade Steel


Handle Material


Locking Mechanism


Total Length

3.74 inches


Extremely small and quick-deploying

Respectable material construction

Surprisingly inexpensive


Likely too small for larger hands