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Filson’s USA-Made Assisted Opening Knife Is Surprisingly Affordable

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This economical folder boasts an impressive pedigree and a respectable array of features for the price.


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Too often, everyday carry is a game of economics—how much you can pack into your pockets for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, a lot of “affordable” pieces of EDC gear aren’t worth their weight in dirt. But sometimes, the opposite is true—something comes along that, by all rights, should probably be more expensive than it is.

Filson’s Assisted Opening Knife is one such offering, and we’re definitely not complaining. Made in the USA and offered by a brand we trust implicitly, this knife packs a heck of a punch for something so shockingly inexpensive. And since it was recently restocked, you can snag one for yourself — so long as you act quickly.

A respectable, reliable EDC knife for less than you might expect

Take a gander at the Assisted Opening Knife’s specs and you’ll find a respectable list of features: a high-carbon clip-point blade, a sturdy liner lock, G10 handle scales, and a spring-assisted deployment mechanism (as the simple name would suggest). Sure, there’s nothing particularly jaw-dropping here, but the design and materials are all very solid and on-par with what we’d expect from an economical EDC pocket knife.

With its sturdy materials and ergonomic design, this is a surprisingly economical knife.Filson

And this knife is certainly economical. All those features listed above can be yours for the paltry sum of just $65. While this particular knife isn’t perhaps mind-blowing, it does sport the build of a reliable, handsome, durable, respectable piece of everyday carry. It could probably have a price tag at least 10-20 dollars higher and we wouldn’t bat an eye — especially for a knife that’s made in the USA.

Turns out, Filson is offering the best deal it can on this pocket blade

Remember that bit above about how this knife could be priced higher? Well, we did a bit of digging and found that this Filson offering appears to be based on a Bear & Sons knife that’s presently in production. But here’s the real kicker: the Filson version is actually a better deal than buying from the knife brand.

The flipper mechanism and spring assist make this knife a quick, convenient EDC option.Filson

Yes, you read that right. Getting the Bear & Sons version of this same knife will run you $76.99. But the Filson version (which we actually like better anyhow, courtesy of the OD Green on Black colorway and the Filson branding) is more than $10 cheaper, clocking in at $65. Clearly, the Filson version is the winner here, as the knives appear to be materially identical. Get it while you can, however, as this knife is likely to sell out.

Filson Assisted Opening Knife

A respectable, sturdy, reliable and economical folder from a brand we love and trust, Filson’s Assisted Opening Knife (which derives its name from its spring-loaded deployment) is a great EDC option for those who want a blade they can trust at a price that won’t break the bank.


Blade Length

3.5 inches

Blade Steel


Handle Material


Locking Mechanism


Total Length

8.125 inches



Even more affordable than at the manufacturer

Respectable specs and materials


Nothing particularly fancy

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