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Did Snow Peak Just Launch the Perfect Camp Tent for Couples?

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With two whole rooms and plenty of space, the Tuga could be the solution to your camping (slash relationship?) woes.

Snow Peak

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There comes a time in every couple’s life together when you realize, damn, even the great outdoors isn’t big enough for me not to be annoyed by this person’s chewing. It’s a harsh truth — even the people we love the most can bug the hell out of us from time to time.

Compound that with a tiny two-person tent, and a camping trip can go from pleasant to frigid in about five minutes. You could counteract this by purchasing a behemoth home on wheels, or, if you’re dedicated to tent life, you could check out Snow Peak’s newest release, the Tuga.

Snow Peak

Snow Peak Tuga

This two-room tent was designed for sharing, but it’s also the perfect option for couples who want a living room.



4 people


19.5 x 12.5 x 7.1 feet


40.3 pounds

The Tuga was developed after Snow Peak’s customers communicated a desire for a lightweight shelter that could accommodate small groups comfortably. The result is a two-room tent and shelter combo that draws design inspiration from larger shelters, without the additional weight.

Sure looks idyllic — and spacious. Snow Peak

The Tuga’s frame makes use of a new Snow Peak silhouette that cuts weight while maximizing interior space, resulting in a more comfortable and usable living situation. The tent’s footprint is a substantial 19.5″ x 12.5″ and it’s just over seven feet tall. At 40.3 pounds, it’s by no means a backpacking tent, but it’s ideal for overlanding or long weekend camping trips. The body is made from 75D polyester taffeta, with a shield pigment PU coating, Teflon water-repellant finish and a 3,000mm minimum waterproof rating.

With two rooms, the Tuga could be used for keeping gear out of your sleeping area, or you could transform it into two separate bedrooms for a little space.Snow Peak

Although Snow Peak bills the Tuga as a solution for small groups, we see it as the perfect shelter for couples; the outer room could be used for hanging out, having coffee/a nightcap or reading if you wake up earlier/stay up later than your S.O., or it could be used as a second bedroom if you’re into the whole sleeping separately thing, à la Cameron Diaz. However you decide to use it, there’s no debate the Tuga would be great for long-term camping trips, weekend getaways with friends or couples camping (with plenty of gear storage space, to boot).

If you like the Tuga and want the full experience, you can also add on the Tuga Mat & Sheet Set and Tuga Shield Roof. While purchasing all three components will cost you just over two grand, it’s hard to put a price on maintaining peace within the tent.

Snow Peak